Two Big Announcements

Today we're excited to announce a couple things. First, our new product Help Scout is part of the 2011 TechStars Boston program!


If you aren't familiar with TechStars, it's a mentorship-driven program for technology startups. Nearly 700 companies applied and we were selected as one of the final 12. For 13 weeks, we will be working alongside the other companies and nearly 70 experienced mentor entrepreneurs to refine our product, launch, and demo it to investors at the end.

We packed up and moved to Cambridge ten days ago. Help Scout is already a much better product as a result of being here and we're excited to work hard and keep improving. For more about the other companies we get to share an office with, check out this article from the Boston Globe.

Secondly, we launched a new website today! We're still working hard on the right messaging for the site, but this is the latest iteration. There's no better way to test the design and content than to put it out in the wild, so that's what we are doing.

We're getting really close to launching Help Scout publicly. There are over 40 companies using it in private beta now and we're making great progress. Stay tuned, as we'll announce the launch on the blog first.