New Feed My Inbox Features

Hey folks! We deployed a number of updates to Feed My Inbox today and wanted to let you know what's new. Here goes:

  • "Post Title - Feed Name" is now an email subject option you can edit on the "Feed Settings" page of your account
  • Plain Text emails are now available to free accounts! You no longer need a paid account to choose between HTML or Plain Text format. Plain text is a bit more mobile-friendly for those of you that do a lot of email on your smartphone.
  • The "Feeds" table in your account is now sortable! You can sort by feed name, frequency, status or last updated. "Last updated" is a NEW column that has been added so you can easily get rid of feeds that are no longer being updated.
  • One feature request we've gotten many times over the last several months is to allow one email per post. Usually realtime does the job, but it's still possible to have multiple posts in one email. Starting today, all paid accounts can specify one email per post. This setting is editable in your global "Feed Settings" and on each individual feed you are subscribed to. It's great if you are sending your emails to a 3rd party app like Evernote, Posterous or Remember the Milk.