Is Help Scout a "Help Desk"?

Since we started building Help Scout, we've fiercely denied that it's a help desk. We even mark it with a big red line on the current landing page for extra emphasis. Why? Because most help desks are mammoth, complicated platforms for large customer support teams to deal with customers through one of several channels (email, forums, knowledge base, social media, etc.). They require a lot of setup, configuration, re-branding and have a steep learning curve.

Obviously, we chose a different direction for Help Scout. We focused on one channel (email) and are taking a different approach from others in the help desk space. Setup takes a few minutes and there is nothing to re-brand or customize for customers to see. Forward a copy of your email to Help Scout and you are all set to start using it.

We've recently learned that despite Help Scout being a completely different experience than other products in this market, it's clearly a help desk. Even if we can build the world's smallest, smartest help desk, we're still a help desk nonetheless. Denying what the product is just creates confusion.

We've seen a lot of products make this mistake and still managed to screw it up. We put Help Scout in a bubble, pretending it justifies a product category of it's own because it has so many use cases. In reality, that point of view is a bit naive and silly. It paints a dismal picture for people and creates more questions than excitement. Twitter and Facebook are completely different platforms in most every way, yet they still fit in the same category. There's nothing wrong with that.

So we're a help desk and proud of it! Our copy will have to be adjusted accordingly. Today we've got over 35 beta companies using Help Scout and we can see light at the end of the tunnel. We won't be posting much more about Help Scout until launch, but rest assured we are working really hard and are SUPER excited to show it to you.